#10 Iiii LOOOVE (veggie) sausage rolls

I’m not sure why a blog post about being veggie is only my tenth post, and not my first to be honest. But here we are. You couldn’t expect me to start a blog page and not at least try to explain to you lot why you should cut down on your meat consumption. But then again, you’d have to live under a rock now to avoid all the articles and concrete evidence that your beef burger is causing more harm to just the cow – we’re in a climate emergency baby. Clearly you’ve ignored all the info up until this point, so my crappy blog sure isn’t gonna do anything. I’ll give it a go anyway.

What I am good at is intimately describing my period. What better way to put you off a steak than to compare it to a tampon? Here is a quote from my dear (veggie) friend Lucy the other day:

“Eating a bloody steak is like sucking from a tampon.”

I ate meat for the first 16 years of my life, and I can gladly say I never ate a bloody steak. DISGUSTANG.

If you don’t understand the reference, you’re too old for this blog. Please leave.

I haven’t actually clarified yet what my diet is and how I ended up there. Basically, at the start of sixth form, videos of cows and chickens being slaughtered came up on my Facebook feed (no idea why). I watched them and felt physically sick. I had pet chickens at the time, goldfish and now two rabbits and a gerbil. I couldn’t imagine myself causing harm to any of my babies, so why would it be right to just pay someone else to do it?

I told myself I’d be vegetarian for a week, just to try it out. I felt healthier, skinnier, cleaner and happier. That ‘week’ has gone a bit overboard because I’m still veggie now. I lost 10 pounds off of my fat ass in the first 3 months of being vegetarian.

Just before I moved in to uni, I realised that the egg and dairy industry were also actually slaughtering cows and chickens. Oh and there was a climate emergency beginning, no biggy. So now at uni, I’m on a plant based diet. When I go home, I’m gonna be honest I could do better. I will never ever touch meat again, but if my mum has made chocolate brownies, and there’s just a little bit of egg in there, I nab a bite when she moans that she’s getting fat because I’m not eating them up.

VRev in Manchester is the best vegan diner I have been to so far in my 3 and a half years of being veggie/vegan.

Let me summarise for you the main points that turned me veggie:

  • Vegans/vegetarians are less likely to develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure than meat-eaters are. I like living.
  • Animal flesh is usually contaminated with blood, faeces, bodily fluids and a bacterium called campylobacter that causes food poisoning. Mmmm yummmmyyy
  • It takes up to 13 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of animal flesh – if we just ate that grain directly, we could use the leftovers to feed the millions of starving children across the world
  • Climate change, but you already knew that
  • VRev
  • VRev
  • VRev
  • VRev

The last four points are actually lies. I only experienced that place the other week. But the access that there is to all kinds of veggie food now takes anyway any excuse you have. KFC is not your only option, however much you love their popcorn chicken.

KFC was awarded ‘Supplier of the Year’, after tearing the heads off of live birds, spray painting their faces and spitting tobacco into their eyes.

On a budget? No problem.

Gluten free? Yeah…and?

Allergic to soy? Your point is…?

If you’re still not convinced, I’m actually quite impressed. The following facts are basically my back up plan, taken from a book called Eating Animals, because my words clearly aren’t as powerful as a McDonalds cheese burger –

  • Eating dogs is legal in over 40 states in the U.S
  • Dogs are eaten to overcome bad luck in the Philippines, as medicine in China and Korea, and to enhance libido in Nigeria
  • For every ten tuna there were 50-100 years ago, there is now only one
  • Sea horses can change colour based on their surroundings, their eyes move independently, they mate under full moons whilst making musical sounds, and the only males can be pregnant
  • You could keep a flock of hens under your kitchen sink and call them ‘free range’. ‘Free range’ just means they must have access to the outdoors, but doesn’t specify how much access they must have
  • Similarly, organic doesn’t mean shit. ‘Access to the outdoors’ can just mean a screened window to look out of. You could torture a turkey daily and call it organic

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