#15 We like to drink with Stormzy, cause Stormzy is our mate…

And when we drink with Stormzy, he downs it all in:

8) Alcohol triggers the release of dopamine (a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure) (yay)

7) Every bottle of champagne has about 49 million bubbles (wow)

6) A gin and tonic will glow under UV light because tonic contains quinines, which are UV light reactive (awesome)

5) You need about 600 grapes to make a bottle or red wine (okay)

4) People with blue eyes have a greater alcohol tolerance (damn I’m brown-eyed)

3) It’s illegal to get a fish drunk in Ohio (oh???)

2) Scientist Nikola Tesla drank whiskey every day because he thought it would make him live to 150 years old (oh Jesus)

1) Long-term drinking is more likely to have negative health affects for women compared to me , even if the woman drinks less for a shorter period of time (fuck)

Enjoy this re-write of a uni newspaper article I did the other day. On a side note, Stormzy’s name apparently isn’t accepted according to my iPad’s spelling checker system, which quite frankly is offensive to the man, but also offensive to my English-Language-student eyes, because it looks like I’ve made hella spelling mistakes. I don’t make spelling mistakes in 2020.

Stormzy and Lewis Capaldi came under fire on Twitter for promoting an unhealthy drinking culture at the Brit awards. They both gave speeches with bottles in their hands and were noticeably rather plastered during their interviews. So of course, the haterz on Twitter such as @LeahFranchetti tweeted stuff like a photo of Capaldi holding a bottle and his award, with the caption, ‘We have an unhealthy relationship with drinking in Scotland. This doesn’t help.’

Let me just stop you there hun. Since when did a few people having a drink at the Brits become responsible for the whole of Scotland’s drinking issue? The BRITS are all about celebrating talent and success, and therefore audience members, like myself, are focussed on appreciating that talent; I don’t really give a toss about who’s drinking what. The drinks are there for the artists pleasure, not for anyone to criticise or even take notice of.

If the alcohol had influenced Lewis to whip his dick out and have a wank over the interviewers, then fair enough, the criticism on Twitter would be more understandable. But unfortunately for many girls out there, there was no revelation of Capaldi’s genitals. There was occasional swearing in their interview with KISS FM UK, but the swearing was not aimed at anyone, nor used with an offensive intention. In fact, Stormzy used swearing to help him express his love for some of the other artists that attended the BRITS. He also points out that, ‘it’s the Brit awards’, and therefore he deserves this one night to have fun; it is a night to enjoy, because the majority of the time he is working hard and very busy. The interviewer was clearly calm, not offended and also finding humour in their responses to her questions, which further confirms that their drunken state was not causing any issues.

In light of all of this, it is difficult to view some of the comments made about the two artists as fair. After the devastating news of Caroline Flack, social media users have become more aware of the impacts that even very small comments can have. Despite this, the award winners have still received criticism, just for having a fookin’ drink, which is a very normal reaction to winning such a prestigious award.

Although the comments made were considerably less harmful than those aimed at Caroline Flack, it appears that people will still continue to use social media sites to express their opinion, whether they are positive or negative. Fortunately, Lewis Capaldi did not seem to let the comments affect him. Like me, he knows that he’s a boss bitch and he don’t take no shit. After reading the Tweet mentioned previously, he retweeted it, saying, ‘imagine having a drink on my first night off in months after winning two Brit awards, can you believe it?!’ Fuck yes I can believe it. Have another 3 shots on me, mate.

On the other hand, the comments made on Twitter are likely to have stemmed from personal experiences with drinking problems. In some TV series and films, if a potential triggering scene is shown, there’s either a warning or information provided after on where to get help. For instance, the Netflix series ‘13 Reasons Why’, has a content warning for scenes of sexual assault, suicide and substance abuse. It then provides access to a website that contains different resources or contacts to get help. For people with drinking issues, watching the Brits, some information provided after could possibly encourage them to get help and help them recognise that the drinking they are seeing on TV is controlled and for celebration purposes, rather than drinking because they are ill and have no control.

The TV series added the content warnings after the show was blamed for 2 cases of teen suicide.

So I guess the comments made weren’t completely ridiculous. But if we banned the use of drugs and alcohol across all TV and film, The Wolf of Wall Street, Trainspotting and Breaking Bad just wouldn’t be the same. In conclusion, it’s a bit of a sticky one and ya gal definitely doesn’t have the answer #JustHereForTheBlog. The only useful advice I can give is this –

For useful contacts and information on how to get help for drinking-related problems, visit drinkaware.co.uk. Alternatively, see your GP and they can refer you to local alcohol services.

Oh, and *try* to not do drugs 🙂

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Hello. I am a bored university student with way too much time to waste. In order to have something to whack onto my CV, I write for the uni newspaper. The articles have to be written in a formal manner, so this is my platform to rewrite my articles with the correct amount of sass that they originally deserved.

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