#44 How To Make Your Uni House Your Home

Now that we’re all back in the university life, let’s talk student houses. Or more specifically, mine. Our charming landlord has so far: Provided 2 kitchen chairs, despite this being a 6 person house Painted the corridor walls…also, part of the floor where he spilt the paint ‘Fixed’ our washing machine by turning it offContinue reading “#44 How To Make Your Uni House Your Home”

#42 Tips on Planning Your Gap Yah

After cooking 23 different variations of pasta and stir fry, skipping 9am lectures twice a week, getting f*cked over by several student landlords, signing up to 5 different societies that I never attended and puking up cheap Aldi Rosé every now and again, I’ve found myself rather ill-prepared for being an Adult. Of course IContinue reading “#42 Tips on Planning Your Gap Yah”

#39 Period Packaging: The Damaging Taboo

The New Zealand supermarket chain, Countdown, has become the first to explicitly use the word ‘period’, in their packaging for menstrual products, such as tampons, menstrual cups and pads. Usually, in the U.K. and across the rest of the world, we see phrases such as ‘feminine hygiene’, noticeably avoiding the whole reason behind why theseContinue reading “#39 Period Packaging: The Damaging Taboo”

#37 Hungry For A Meal OUT

Enjoy consuming (HAHA I’m awful) this rewrite of my newspaper article, concerning food and eating, of course. As chefs, waiters and managers prepared to reopen their restaurant doors, there was an intense hunger in the air for that restaurant experience we’ve all been craving since the 23rd of March – the start of the lockdown.Continue reading “#37 Hungry For A Meal OUT”

#36 Why TALA keeps appearing in my bank statements

The other day, my sister demanded to know what I was doing, in order to work out if she could join in or not (she was very bored). “I’m getting ready to snap up some items in the next Tala launch,” I said, matter-of-factly. She gave me an unapproving look and then rolled her eyes.Continue reading “#36 Why TALA keeps appearing in my bank statements”

#35 What’s the dress code for a worldwide pandemic?

After what has seemed like an endless waiting time in the queue for a pint and a haircut, the Prime Minister’s announcement that the hospitality industry will now be able to reopen, has shone through the U.K., brighter than our current heatwave, like a big light at the end of the tunnel. This includes theContinue reading “#35 What’s the dress code for a worldwide pandemic?”