#16 Shake what your mama gave you

When my sister first learnt to snowboard, she was always too scared to do a turn. So, 1560m above ground level in the snowy mountains, every time I saw her hesitate, I’d scream, “YOU’RE A BOSS BITCH!” I got some strange looks from the French geezas, but it worked. She believed me and she turned.Continue reading “#16 Shake what your mama gave you”

#15 We like to drink with Stormzy, cause Stormzy is our mate…

And when we drink with Stormzy, he downs it all in: 8) Alcohol triggers the release of dopamine (a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure) (yay) 7) Every bottle of champagne has about 49 million bubbles (wow) 6) A gin and tonic will glow under UV light because tonic contains quinines, which are UV light reactive (awesome)Continue reading “#15 We like to drink with Stormzy, cause Stormzy is our mate…”

#14 Girls in 2020: Not your average bitch

In the current social media-infested climate, girls like me are expected to live up to some exhausting standards. I definitely conform to some of it, but some of the other rules can suck my titties. Let’s start with Instagram – if you don’t have more than 500 followers these days, who the fuck even areContinue reading “#14 Girls in 2020: Not your average bitch”

#13 Tattoos in the workplace: Hired or Fired?

Enjoy this re-write of a uni article about how pissed off I am at the fact that I felt I had to get my elephant tattoo on my ankle and not my forehead, for the job opportunities. In a time where we are working hard towards equality in all aspects of society, we appear toContinue reading “#13 Tattoos in the workplace: Hired or Fired?”

#12 Congratulations Katie Hopkins

When I saw that an article about Katie Hopkins was up for grabs in the uni newspaper, I was hesitant. I couldn’t decide if I could be bothered or not. Then I considered the re-written version for the blog and got straight to it. This is my chance to absolutely slaughter the bitch!!! With peopleContinue reading “#12 Congratulations Katie Hopkins”

#11 Beans, beans, good for your heart…

Trigger warning: poo, poo and more poop. So obviously during my A-Level exams, I was stressed. My lovely mother did most the cooking for me during this time – and she made an extra effort to make sure they were peng and nutritious veggie meals. By nutritious I mean they had a lot of theContinue reading “#11 Beans, beans, good for your heart…”

#9 Suicide forums: Helpful or Hindering?

Suicide, depression (and any other mental health condition to be honest) is an issue very close to my heart. I’ve had issues in the past with it, along with some family and friends also suffering. It was a no brainer to write about this issue in relation to suicide forums for the uni newspaper. ButContinue reading “#9 Suicide forums: Helpful or Hindering?”

#8 Consent is what turns me on

If you’re watching Winter Love Island at the moment, you’ll be familiar with this lovely quote: “If I wanna put my hand there, I’ll put my hand there”. – Mike Fucking Boateng Actually, you won’t mate. This guy is supposed to be a police man as well. A few weeks ago I went clubbing withContinue reading “#8 Consent is what turns me on”

#7 Periods 101: Calling All Girls

Wow, you’re moody – it must be your time of the month! This article is a bit different to the others. Although periods are a common topic coming up frequently in the student newspaper, I haven’t yet attempted to write one because I have an uncontrollable habit of going into a level of detail thatContinue reading “#7 Periods 101: Calling All Girls”