#24 Digital Detox

Celebrities and social media influencers have recently been having/doing/giving themselves (which verb do I use??) digital detoxes (apparently – that’s what the newspaper organisers told me to write about anyway). For social media influencers in particular, their job is quite literally to be interacting on social media, so a digital detox is essentially just theContinue reading “#24 Digital Detox”

#23 To Get A Job, Or Not To Get A Job

I recently went to a talk, organised by the uni newspaper, about how to get into journalism. Here are the positives and negatives I took from the talk: Free pizza and free chocolate fingers👍🏼 A good catch up with my old flat mate (👍🏼) whilst they sorted out the blown up projector which made themContinue reading “#23 To Get A Job, Or Not To Get A Job”

#21 The luxury in anti-luxury holidays

You can probably tell that this is a Redbrick rewrite (the uni newspaper), where I go from ‘how the fuck do you even put up a tent’, to ‘according to the Great Britain Tourism Survey…’. Camping, log cabins, glamping, and any other similar anti-luxury holidays can pose some slightly unfortunate situations. The grotty shower facilitiesContinue reading “#21 The luxury in anti-luxury holidays”

#20 Break ups, blips and boyfriends

It’s been a hot minute since I posted (only a week, it’s not that deep, but I’m a drama queen) – and you might be able to guess why from the title. I started off The Big Blog #1 saying I had a boyfriend (I’ve now removed that because I realised friend zoning is quiteContinue reading “#20 Break ups, blips and boyfriends”

#18 King George Giuseppe Tait the 7th (my son, a gerbil)

When my sister came to visit me at uni the other weekend, I took her to Pets At Home, just because we were bored and wanted to look at the animals. Let me make it clear, at the point of entering the shop, I didn’t even know what a gerbil was. As you can probablyContinue reading “#18 King George Giuseppe Tait the 7th (my son, a gerbil)”

#17 Blistered tits and toes: Marathon training

Over the weekend, I ran a half marathon as part of my marathon training. Training for a marathon would suggest that I’m actually doing a marathon. So why in hell, am I doing a marathon, you may be wandering. That’s a very fair question, because now as I sit here writing this, with a blisteredContinue reading “#17 Blistered tits and toes: Marathon training”

#16 Shake what your mama gave you

When my sister first learnt to snowboard, she was always too scared to do a turn. So, 1560m above ground level in the snowy mountains, every time I saw her hesitate, I’d scream, “YOU’RE A BOSS BITCH!” I got some strange looks from the French geezas, but it worked. She believed me and she turned.Continue reading “#16 Shake what your mama gave you”

#15 We like to drink with Stormzy, cause Stormzy is our mate…

And when we drink with Stormzy, he downs it all in: 8) Alcohol triggers the release of dopamine (a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure) (yay) 7) Every bottle of champagne has about 49 million bubbles (wow) 6) A gin and tonic will glow under UV light because tonic contains quinines, which are UV light reactive (awesome)Continue reading “#15 We like to drink with Stormzy, cause Stormzy is our mate…”